Raise your hand if you can relate...


You've secretly, or not so secretly, been wedding obsessed since you can remember


You love all the design elements that go into creating these beautiful days


Or maybe you're more like me and love the thrill of bringing the vision to life with all the behind the scenes crazy that's involved 


Have you thought about how fun it would be to be able to plan weddings as your JOB but have been blocked by all the "I can't do that" thoughts? 


Or the "it's not the right time, but maybe one day..." thoughts


But really, think about it, what if you could plan weddings everyday and get paid for it?


I know it can be hard to take a leap and bet on yourself 


Honestly, I know this all too well... I waited YEARS before taking the leap myself


and that is probably my biggest regret. Waiting.


Waiting for extra time...


Waiting for extra income...


honestly...just waiting for some sign that it was finally "time"


Instead of owning that I could make extra time and I could make a way to fund it all I waited


I waited till I felt like I had all the "pieces" when I could have been already living my dream life doing something that I loved. Something that truly lit me up 


Maybe this is your "sign" that it's time to finally go for something you want and to chase that dream.


Your dream life is SO close


 The doors to a brand new version of the Bustled Up Academy are open!


Because I know you are busy, I have made this a go at your own pace course that allows you to start this business and learn about wedding planning on your own time


For 3 months we will work together helping you become a certified wedding planner ready to take on all your clients! 


BUT while I am teaching you exactly how to plan your clients weddings, (start to finish), I will also be helping you (step by step) with how to start your business, how to reach and book your ideal clients, and grow your business to heights you never thought possible


It's like having a built in BFF and business partner all in one


Now is the time you decide to make a choice that has the potential to change your entire life...and it's only ONE click away.


I know taking the leap can be scary but this is an investment into yourself, your business, and your dream life.


No more playing small


No more waiting to be told "it's time"


Let's do this!!

In BUA you will get:

  • a 15 week, go at your own pace, course
  • Monthly "happy hour" mastermind calls with hot seat opportunities 
  • 3 months of 1:1 support through Voxer and email
  • Full branding guidance from picking a name, designing your logo, and finding your "voice"
  • Social media and marketing strategies
  • A customizable done for you website template
  • Certified wedding planner badge to use on your website and for marketing
  • Bustled Up Academy sweatshirt (plus my other welcome gifts)!


Ready to take the leap but with payment plans? Don't worry, I got that too. This investment into your future is a no-brainer


Access to BUA starts November 2nd

Limited number available