The Bustled Up Bundle

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Plan the Wedding Of Your Dreams

Without Spending Thousands on a Wedding Planner you can get back to enjoying your engagement


You’ve been waiting your whole life to feel like this. 


And when the question was popped, it was finally happening.

That excitement, the adrenaline, the blissful love that filled your was everything you dreamt it would be. 

At first, the thought of planning your wedding day was a thrill. 


 But your excitement quickly turned into overwhelm. 

Instead of feeling the love...

  • You no longer feel that rush of excitement


  • You can’t decide on or manage a budget that helps you bring your dreams to life


  • Everyone is in your face trying to help (but really they’re just stressing you out!)


  • And you can’t imagine spending thousands on someone who can help you (ie a pro wedding planner

You just want to enjoy your fiance.


And (Gasp) did you just say, “I just want the wedding to be over with?”


Girl. No. Staaahp. 


You should be loving every minute of this...even the planning.

Hi, I’m Karly...Your Wedding BFF


Weddings are my passion. I thrive when I’m helping brides plan a stress-free wedding day. (I’ve been doing it for over 10 years)

But I’m also a coffee addict (aren’t we all), beauty product hoarder, aspiring chef, and your new BFF.

Over the last 10 years as a professional wedding planner, I’ve met and helped some amazing brides. I’ve shared in their joy as I helped them make their dream wedding a reality. 

But one thing I’ve noticed…

I’m usually brought on board when a bride is at her wit's end. 

Because weddings are a lot. 

  • A lot of time
  • A lot of money
  • A lot of managing people (and expectations)
  • And a lot of decision making

So by the time I start working with a bride, they’re often experiencing burnout, decision fatigue, and unfortunately, they almost always say, “I just want the wedding over with”

And it breaks my heart. Because this is THE time of their lives. Of your life. To be enjoying the most. 

And that’s why I came up with a way to help brides get organized, avoid burnout, and get back to enjoying their wedding planning. 


The Bustled Up Bundle


Everything a bride needs to create the wedding day of her dreams...

...Without the cost of a wedding planner / while still enjoying every day of her engagement


The Bustled Up Bundle is a collection of tools for brides who want to plan a seamless wedding day while continuing to enjoy her engagement. 

After The Bustled Up Bundle, you’ll walk away with a crystal ball of your future wedding day. 

And it goes off without a hitch...while you’re getting hitched



Here’s what you’re putting into the cute little pocket sewn into your wedding dress (look for it, it’s probably there!)


A clear vision of your true vision board. 

(Instead of pinning other wedding pics and never taking action, unlock your true wedding vibe.)


A stress-free plan for hiring the right vendors for your wedding!

(so you can rest easy knowing the right people are on board for your big day) 

The itinerary of your dreams to ensure your wedding flows like that beautiful train of yours

(so there’s never an awkward pause, a bored guest, or fussy vendors to deal with)

Ownership, and a plan, for your wedding budget.

(so you can stop worry about money and feel empowered with realistic, attainable, goals)

A plan to keep the well-meaning loves of your life in check (read: MIL, friends, and fam)

(so you can graciously accept their offer to help but maintain control over your big day

Everything that's inside the bundle...

Wedding Vibe Guide: Value ($30)

A guide that helps you drill down and get to know what it is that YOU want for your special day. After this guide, you’ll be able to tune out the noise and tell your love story through your unique couple-vibe. 


Hiring Your Vendors Workbook (Value: $97)

This workbook walks you through the process of selecting and hiring the perfect team of vendors. We’ll cover vetting, booking, contracts, and more. 

Flow Your Own Way Mini-Class Plus Flowchart -  (Value: $50)

This mini-class gives you a streamlined way to plan the itinerary of your day so everything flows smoothly. No awkward pauses. No bored guests. And no frustrated vendors.

Budget Bootcamp - (Value: $97)

With my gentle bootcamp, you’ll walk away feeling empowered with realistic budgeting goals that you can easily stick to without skimping on your dream wedding. 

Volunteer Tracker- (Value: $97)

When there’s too many cooks in the kitchen, refer to the Volunteer Tracker. It’ll help you welcome the assistance from well-meaning family and friends while keeping everyone on track.

Plus these must-have bridal bonuses...


Ultimate Checklist (Value: $25)

The Ultimate Checklist is a bride’s best friend (besides me, of course). It takes a deep dive into many parts of your day that traditional lists miss. In other words, don’t miss these overlooked details!


Photography Shot List- (Value: $25) 

This list will give you a leg up on those stunning portraits and seemingly candid pics you’ll be staring at for years to come. 

The Bundle Won’t Be Around Forever…


This is the first time (and the last) that I’m offering this bundle of bridal goodness at such a crazy-low price. By Sunday, it’s going back into the vault. 

Wedding Vibe Guide: Value ($30)

Hiring Your Vendors Workbook (Value: $97)

Flow Your Own Way Mini-Class Plus Flowchart -  (Value: $50)

Budget Bootcamp - (Value: $97)

Volunteer Tracker- (Value: $97)

BONUS: Ultimate Checklist (Value: $25)

BONUS: Photography Shot List- (Value: $25) 


Total Value: $421 

Today's Price: $197


I'm Ready to enjoy wedding planning!

Here’s the Truth…


Getting engaged is exciting. But too many brides quickly realize that there is a ton of stress involved in planning a wedding day. 


And it should be a time to enjoy your engagement, your fiance, and the excitement surrounding one of the biggest days of your life. 


You could spend upwards of $3000 on a wedding planner or you could take advantage of The Bustled Up bundle for $197 before it gets tucked away. 


Either will help you get back to the stress-free excitement of your engagement and help you prepare for a wedding that will be talked about for years to come. 


So which would you rather do?

The Bustled Up Bundle

Wedding Vibe Guide: Value ($30)

Hiring Your Vendors Workbook (Value: $97)

Flow Your Own Way Mini-Class Plus Flowchart -  (Value: $50)

Budget Bootcamp - (Value: $97)

Volunteer Tracker- (Value: $97)

BONUS- Ultimate Wedding Checklist- (Value $25)

BONUS- Photography Shot List- (Value $25)


Total Value: $421

Todays Price: $197

Let's get Bustled Up!