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Details, Details, Details...


In this course, we will discuss the finer and, behind the scenes, details of the day. Discover why your event flow is crucial, how to best work your setup for guest flow, and learn about my tried and true timeline format.

Flow Your Own Way

Successful even flow is KEY to making your day one that moves easily for your guests and never leaves them wondering "what's next?". You don't need to have signs posted everywhere you simply need a cohesive setup and overall event flow.

The Backup Plan

The one aspect of planning that no one wants to do! As much as you can will, pray, and hope for perfect conditions sometimes things just don't go according to plan. This is your little kick in the butt to make the plan you'redreading and create an amazing plan B that doesn't sacrifice your wedding dreams.


An overview of my tried and true timeline format AKA wedding bible. A detailed timeline is honestly the backbone of a successful wedding and the key to you actually being able to relax on your big day. I'll walk you through all the aspects that need to be included and what to consider as you craft your own.

Let's do this!