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Final Preparations


Your day is fast approaching and all the details have been set. Without a planner or point person though, extra communication is key. Learn how to ensure that everything is ready to go

Vendors and Volunteers

How to properly communicate with your vendors and wedding day volunteers to make sure everyone is set up for success. Now is time to reach out to all vendors and  your volunteers to confirm their details. Make sure you are clear on their arrival times and what they will need in order to start their work right away. Make sure everyone is set up as best as they can be.

Ready, Set, Go!

You’ve done all the planning, crafted a totally flawless timeline, and have everything organized. Now it's time to take off that planner hat and just be the bride- you got this!

Emergency Kits

Yes, your day will be perfect, but sometimes, even during the best-planned weddings, things happen. Learn about my favorite emergency kit must-haves, and how to build your own kit so you are prepared for everything on your wedding day!

Let's do this!