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Hiring Your Vendor Team


Learn the ins and outs of who you need and why, the questions to ask as you're evaluating all your options, vendor lingo to understand, and tips to remember along the way. We'll cover:

The Importance of Hiring Professionals

Your wedding is an important day and one that requires only the best! Let me share a few stories and give my professional advice on why hiring professionals is so important and why.

The Right Order to Hire Vendors

Learn my personal vendor hiring order that I use as a planner, and why following this order will decrease stress. Help your vendors work together rather than against each other and stay within your budget.

The Right Questions to Ask Your Vendors (Part 1 & 2)

Hiring the right people can be a stressful process, but hiring those people is key to making your day perfect. Learn everything I know about working with vendors and all the questions to ask to ensure flawless execution. 

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