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How to Utilize all the Help You're Being Offered


I'm sure as soon as you got engaged you had so many friends and family members asking how they could help. It's amazing, but also a little overwhelming! This course will give you an in-depth breakdown of exactly what goes into setting up all the elements of a wedding. With a full setup map learn to organize your details to make the help you are offered the most beneficial and useful for your day.

Guest Arrival, Ceremony, and Cocktail Hour Details

What to do with your guests before the wedding begins, how to craft the perfect ceremony layout, and create a fun experience during cocktail hour.

Reception Details

A complete guide on table set up (one of the most time-consuming aspects) and all the additional areas needed for dinner service including escort cards, cake, bar, dinner buffet, and all décor details. You will be able to create the perfect setup plan to ensure that everything is taken care of and you can just relax in the bridal suite

Late Night Details

All the details about the clean-up – learn what might be leftover at the end of the night, how to create a plan of where decor needs to go, and how to make the overall clean-up process quick and efficient so you aren't left taking out the trash in your wedding dress!

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