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Imagine having a professional wedding planner walking you step by step through your entire wedding planning process for a fraction of the cost of a day-of planner



Step 1 

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Step 2

Get a customized 3 month planning package tailored to your day and your needs

  • Review the customized planning package that I've created to meet you where you're at with your planning and give you all the support needed to make your wedding planning easy, stress-free, and fun
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 Step 3

Start planning!

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We will... 

  • Work together to design the overall look and feel of your day complete with a custom mood board
  • Design a customized budget that we will track throughout your planning
  • Assistance with hiring your vendor team, reviewing all contracts, and managing payment schedules
  • Assistance with organizing all help from friends and family for your wedding day
  • In-depth templates and guides to help keep all details organized and easy to find 
  • Complete (slightly OCD) wedding day timeline
  • bi-weekly or monthly 1:1 calls (depending on the package we create)
  • Unlimited Voxer and email support

Limited packages available


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