Raise your hand if you can relate...


You started your wedding planning business hopeful and ready to work with your dream clients, and you got...a few...


but no where near where you know your business can go


So you started adjusting your offers


Started paying attention to what other planners were doing (maybe even tried to *gasp* emulate them)


You started spending so much time worrying and comparing your strategy that you've completely lost your strategy


I don't know about you, but right now I have both hands raised. I wish I could say that the above never happened to me what I started my businesses, but, well...it did


When you start a business and you're going it alone, like most entrepreneurs, it can get overwhelming knowing exactly what to do and when to do it


I felt like I was stuck in this endless loop of adjusting offers, creating offers, and then semi giving up until I would get an idea and it would start all over


It was exhausting and defeating


So I decided to stop "going it alone" and hire a mentor. My business could NOT afford the mentor at the time, but I did it anyway




I grew my business to cover that expense and then some within weeks


Since then I've hired two more mentors and all of them helped me reach heights I didn't think were possible in my business.


You don't have to go it alone or figure out how to come up with a massive amount to pay mentors because I've made it easy


I'm giving you

5 weeks of personalized strategy


5 weeks of Voxer support


5 1:1 calls to change the trajectory of your business


Only 5 Spotlight seats available per month.

(You will be directed to a waitlist if they are taken)

Take my money and let's do this